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A few questions

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by gomerp618 on September 08, 2005 11:03 AM
Hi everyone. I have a few questions. I was roaming around the local plant retailers the other day looking for something to plant along my fence and came across some great deals. I found 3 great climbing rose bushes for $5 a piece along with some hydrangeas and azaleas for $4 a piece. My question is should I put these in the ground now and make sure I mulch good for winter? I am in Michigan. Or should I put the pots in my basement or garage and wait to plant them next spring? They are gorgeous plants and I don't want to risk them not having a chance to root well before winter and losing them. This is my first time doing my own outdoor garden and roses are something my mom never really got into so she doesn't know enough to tell me what's best.

I have some nice rose bushes in my front flower beds left by the previous owners that never received any care at all and have faired well, but they have been there for years. I even found a pot stuck along side my porch under the hedges abandoned with a rose bush in it that at first glance looked dead, but as I looked closer there is some life in that pot. I took it out of the cubby hole it was stuck in, gave it some sunlight and regular water and it looks like I may be able to salvage it. I couldn't help but think what a waste it was for the previous owners to neglect it like that, it still had the original price tag of $25 on it, why spend that kind of money and not take care of it? I don't think I am going to put it in the ground just yet as it is still pretty small, I may just put it in my basement for the winter. I have some good light in the windows of the basement and it's somewhat heated down there.

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Lord, please let me be the person my dog thinks I am!
by Tamara from Minnesota on September 09, 2005 07:58 AM
My vote is to plant them. Winter is still a ways off. Water well and mulch after the ground freezes. Use a root stimulator. You never know with winter survival but I don't think keeping them in pots is a good thing either. Maybe I am wrong.

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by USAFwife on September 09, 2005 10:19 AM
When I moved into my house here in Virginia we had a rose that was in a square of dirt in between our walkway and driveway and had been obviously trampled over and neglected. I moved it to it's own little bed in my front lawn and I am amazed every day at how resilient it is. We've had over a dozen white blooms at a time! My point is that even though some people spend a ton of time caring for roses, I think they just need a little TLC like light, water and pruning. I'd say listen to your instinct about giving them time to root before winter. There may be some root stimulator you can buy to assist with that just be sure not to put too much in. Definetly mulch to protect it when frost starts, which I'm sure will be soon for you! Good luck, I wish you roses the same luck that I've had with mine [muggs]
by melcon6 on September 09, 2005 10:31 AM
Definitley get them in the ground ASAP ! That is where they will do best and like Tamara says , winter is still a ways off and you should have a good 30 - 60 days for them to get comfy.

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