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Plants and Flowers to Grow in Specialized Gardens

The plant listings on the left are divided and organized to help you find the appropriate plants for growing in different environments, difficult landscaping conditions, to fill specific needs, or to create special effects within your garden landscape.
The "how to" guides will show you how to create specialized gardens which are designed to attract different wildlife, or allow you to utilize areas of your garden which have less than perfect growing conditions.
The plant lists will show you which flowers and shrubs may be grown in a particular situation or for a defined purpose. Generally, you can make your choices by simply browsing through the list to find plants listed for your USDA hardiness zone.
There may be times when it is necessary to cross-reference between two or more lists to find an appropriate plant suited to particular growing conditions (i.e. shady areas) in addition to other criteria such as a specific landscaping theme (i.e. butterfly garden)
Many of the plants and shrubs listed within these tables will be linked to a page dedicated to the care of that particular plant. The individual plant page will give you specific information about the needs of the plant, as well as a full color photograph to aid in the identification of the flower or plant.

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