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tomato question

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by Cougargirl50 on April 11, 2006 08:48 PM
Im getting discouraged here. I have planted tomato's 2 times within the last couple weeks. They start growing and they look real nice till they get to be about 4 inches tall. Then they all just fall over and die. My beefstake tomato's I planted 18 seeds and out of the 18 4 are still standing and that is probably only cause they are propped up with popcicle sticks. I also planted cherry tomato's I planted 12 of them and have a good many of them left. What am I doing wrong.
I have them inside in a seed starter container and have the potting soil stuff with the food in it. I know that doesnt give alot of help. I have them inside at night and during the day once it warms up out on my back porch I place them out there for awhile till it starts cooling down. I'm ready to give up already. Can anyone help or give any ideas?

Thank you in advance

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by ChristinaC on April 11, 2006 08:53 PM
If they've germinated, (sprouted), they no longer need to be in the tray. It's the warmth and humidity that's killing them. Get them out of there as soon as you see green pop out of the soil. All they need then is light and water.

You should always start your seeds in starting soil, then transplant to pot soil after you see their true leaves develop. I usually wait until I have 2 sets of true leaves.

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by weezie13 on April 11, 2006 09:05 PM

Need to ask you some questions about your plants..

How are you watering them??????

And what kind of soil do you have them in??

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by johnCT on April 11, 2006 09:53 PM
A few things to consider. First of all, its most likely Damping OFF that's the culprit. A soil borne fungal disease. You should only use soiless mix to start seeds. If the containers or trays you use are not new, you need to clean them thoroughly with a bleach solution before using them. If you use a cover, it needs to be removed immediately once the first seeds germinate. Otherwise, it will create a humid, stagnant air environment that fungal diseases will thrive in if present. Once the seed germinates, there is no reason to keep the soil mix continually moist. Let it dry out before watering. I use a spray bottle for watering.

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John - Zone 6
by Longy on April 12, 2006 12:05 AM
Also with the damping off, you can reduce its effect by only watering in the morning. It spreads in damp soil at night.

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