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October plant

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by choicgo on September 09, 2004 12:41 AM
Well, I want to plant some kind of "pretty" plant around October. I live in Alabama (if that helps with climate or whatever). I know nothing what plants grow well when. Any ideas on what would be good?? P.S. I kind of want to plant a good bit of it too.
by Bess of the Piedmont on September 09, 2004 09:15 PM
Hi Hon!

I think we need a bit more information in order to suggest things to you.

Do you want to plant plants or seeds?

Do you want annuals (only flowering this year) or perennials (plants that will last for years but go through periods of flowering and then rest)?

You say you'd like to plant a lot of them. Do you want a whole bed full of the same kind of plant? Is cost an issue?

Where woul you like to plant them? How many hours of sunlight does that area get? What is the soil like in that area? Is it dry? Wet? High? Low? Sloped?

Many people put in chrysanthemums for fall color. Since you're in Alabama, you have a longer growing season.You probably have a lot of choices!

* * * *
by choicgo on September 13, 2004 10:46 PM
hey, thanks for responding, I am sorry I'm being so vague, I am still very new at this.

I want to plant seeds, and I do want perennials. I was hoping for a bit of variety, either a lot of different kinds in the same bed or multiple beds with only one kind in each. Cost isn't too much of an issue, especially if it will look nice, and last a while.

The place I have in mind to plant them gets lots of sunlight, it is in a place that used to be used for keeping horses, so there aren't a lot of trees. It has good soil (well fertilized from years past) decently dry, and flat.

Now I have also read somethings about plants what you can plant as pairs and one plant will bloom during fall, and one during spring or summer. I like that idea, do you have any comments on that?
by Bess of the Piedmont on September 15, 2004 01:27 AM
Wow, sounds like a great garden bed site!

Planting a variety of plants to keep up flower interest during the growing season is a fine idea.

One of my favorite seed catalogues is Thompson & Morgan
Order yourself a free catalogue and stroll through all the possibilities. Write down a list of favorites, taking careful note of when the flower blooms and what planting zones they do best in. (You're probably around zone 8, aren't you? If you're not sure, check the USDA Zone map here at The Gardener's Forum. There's a link up under the header.)

If horses have been stomping around there, you'll need to churn up the soil with a rototiller, a hoe or a shovel so it will be loose enough to accept the new root growth.

* * * *

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