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Cosmos Question

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by Elsiecreek on July 19, 2004 04:14 AM
I purchased 2 cosmos plants when they were about 10 inches tall. I planted them side by side. They both have reached a beautiful bushy, tall folliage but only one of them is blooming and it is blooming a lot. Any idea why one would bloom. They both have the same conditions and watering.

by weezie13 on July 19, 2004 05:31 AM
Just wanted to let you know,
I moved your post into the Plants and Flowers section....
A few more gardener's will frequent that area for this question!!!


Where is the one blooming in respect to the one that is not blooming?
Would one be in front of the shading it??
Or got a dose of fertlizer that the other didn't?

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by loz on July 19, 2004 05:43 AM
Hi, I love cosmos and have many of them growing in my garden right now....I started a lot of them from seed and while they are bushy and tall right now I still don't have any blooms on the seed started ones yet.....then, I have other cosmos I bought from a nursery and they aren't as tall as the ones I started but they are blooming a lot....

They love full sun, do they both have that? I started some cosmos in my moms garden(from seed) a few years ago and they took quite a while to bloom, although they were big and bushy too.....I just waited it out a while and sure enough it eventually started blooming. Cosmos don't mind poor conditions--hot, dry, they thrive pretty much anywhere in full sun......I don't even fertilize mine at all......Cosmos grow very easily, one of the easiest to grow. They also make nice cut flowers.

I'd say give it a while.....if it's not dying then it should eventually produce buds. I'm in the same boat as you still waiting for mine to flower too, so I'll just keep watching I said the ones I started from seeds are healthy and tall, and the nursery ones are heavily blooming and not as tall......By they way, don't feel bad.....I have some that are close to 2 and a half feet tall and haven't bloomed yet-just remember not all flowers planted at the same time will start blooming at the same time.

Oh, and welcome to the forum by the way....nice to have you aboard. [wayey]
by Szykniej on July 20, 2004 12:28 AM
My cosmos is more like three feet tall now, and still not blooming. But there's lots of summer left!
Elsiecreek, even though you bought your two cosmos at the same time, they probably grew from seeds from different plants, so blooming time won't neccesarily be exactly the same. Let us know what colors you have when they do finally flower. TONY

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Tony from Massachusetts

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