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pruning roses

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by NewbeeBud on November 25, 2006 12:09 PM
I have a large over grown rose bush. It needs to be pruned. I know that it is best to prune in spring, but I have also read that now is also an okay time. So I ask, can I cut it back?
I would like to get rid of the suckers and the small thin new growth. It is about 7ft tall and thick with branches.
I have a smaller bush that also needs this attention, but the choices in branches are more clear.
Any advice would be appreciated.
by joclyn on November 25, 2006 03:02 PM
i tend to the major pruning in the spring - early/mid march before new growth starts. i do a less intensive prune in the fall - just to get the tallest stuff off in case of bad snow as i don't want any damage done. others do their main pruning in the fall.

you can cut the bushes back to about 2 feet tall. or leave them a little taller if you'd like. if you have a branching that you like, trim back to just above where the branching starts...if you go below, you might not get the same growth pattern next year.

also, take a look at the canes to see if you see and nodes - if there are nodes on the inside of the cane, cut below or the new growth will be inward rather than outward.
by glenda on November 27, 2006 04:33 AM
I always cut off the suckers in autumn, right to the soil. lightly prune the growth. then in spring I hard prune. good luck.

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by M. D. Vaden of Oregon on November 28, 2006 05:38 AM
You may not want to get rid of all the suckers if they are positioned well.

Promoting those to replenish and replace old wood over a period of time is part of extending longevity.

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M. D. Vaden of Oregon

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