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by Alcona2 on August 31, 2005 05:15 AM
I'm in a dilema, I have had this Dieffenbacchia for almost 2 years, it's almost 6 feet tall. It is just growing leaves on the top and the cane is getting long and is bare. Recently, it started to sprout a new set of leaves at the very bottom (the top of the soil)and is starting a new growth it already has 4 leaves on it.
I want to propagate the top so it can still grow & have the bottom that is rooted look nice and not leaves on the side of a big, bare cane.
My mother who has grown these for many years & has not seen this happen, says for me to cut the top and put in a pail of water to re-root. and cut closer to the new plant to cut that cane off.
Please help me not ruin this beautiful plant.
I knwo about the sap. If anyone needs it, I can send them a picture of it. Please help me.
by Jiffymouse on September 01, 2005 06:45 AM
cut it somewhere mid way, then rather than put the top in water, put the top into the soil with the original plant, or another pot of quality potting soil. it'll grow just fine, and, the top of the stalk that is still attached to the roots will grow new shoots from the sides and will make a very pretty plant!
by tamara on September 02, 2005 08:10 PM
Maybe a litle bit of rooting hormone would help also.

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