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? re:bird of paradise

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by blueberryqueen on March 21, 2005 03:41 PM
We have a bird of paradise in the house that gets several hours of sun a day, we water regularly, and it is healthy.(I think)
The problem is that in the past few months, we have had two stalks come up, grow to the full height of the plant, and that's it. The leaves have not opened. We have a new stalk coming up right now, and I would like the other ones to open. Any suggestions, ideas on why this is happening? It has never happened before with this plant which we bought 2 years ago. thanks...
by Amy R. on March 22, 2005 08:21 PM
I have absolutely no idea why that might be happening. Are the leaves dying, or are they just not opening? Mine just seem to die period! LOL
Anyway, you might try posting this in the Plants and Flowers section, as I think a few people there have BOPs outside. I will check online for you, and report back if I find anything interesting.
by njoynit on March 22, 2005 08:47 PM
I grow an orange one from seed& have 2 others to start this year,so mine have not bloomed.BUT I had ran into this site sometime ago and has a few pics.The 3rd pic shows just a bit of bloom stalk. And is plenty of info on the plant(plus kewl music) I grow mine inground.I just dig it in the winter,but am going to just have it its own GH this time in ground and have it planted in more sun.I'm one of them zone denial folks.In the winter I still have it in bright light,but is on my porch used as cold GH& I have plastic over the screen and cover plants with sheets.
I guess you need to wait for someone to pop through and they may know how long from stalk popping till bloom.
Do you grow in pot all the time?grow as houseplant all the time?set it outside in summer?Its good till 30 then needs protection...they do prefer being rotbound for better blooms.

Here's another page& it has some info on pests...always good to know about..
look at thier 1st that what you have?
maybe toss some blooming fertilizer on her.its the one with middle number highest.

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