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RE: What to plant?????

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by fastcast on May 24, 2004 04:01 PM
Hi. I'm new here but am looking for some advice on what to plant next to my house. Here is my scenario. I have a new construction home with a large "blank" wall facing the front. It is approx 32' wide with a large open peak in the middle reaching about 30'. The only thing on this wall are two windows and a vent about 7' from the top. We added gables to it this year but it is still very open and blank. I want to fill in the middle space. I planted ravenna grass last year and it looked fine but every year it has to be cut down and then I'm back to square one with a blank wall for half the season. The space I would like to fill is roughly 15' tall by 4' wide between the foundation and concrete walk. I'm trying to avoid pyramidal arborvitae (just because I don't like them). We have a more rustic/cabin looking home and would like something that will remain the entire year (evergreen-ish not deciduous). I am in zone 5 and the area receives full sun all afternoon. ANY suggestions would be great. Thanks!!! [dunno]
by Phil and Laura on May 24, 2004 06:10 PM
Hello Fastcast and WELCOME! I would like to make a suggestion, Evergreen of course...Click On:
Now these look Stunning in a cabin type setting and although they are reccomended for zone 6, they do very well here in Mn.(zone 4), when placed in the type of location you described. They also will only achieve aprox. 15 to 18 feet in height when used in your zone and a landscape setting.. So Check out the link, at very least you'll see a purty pic! [thumb]
by gardenmom32210 on May 28, 2004 03:08 PM
Hello [wayey] Heres some plants you might want to consider
Common Lilac-8-15ft tall
Catawba Rhododendron-10ft tall
Pinxterbloom Azalea-8-10ft tall
Wintergreen Barberry-8ft tall
Leatherleaf Viburnum-10ft tall
Smoke Tree-12-15ft tall(needs pruning)
or maybe a climbing vine on a trellis
Trumpet Honeysuckle

Hope this helps

Karen [grin]
by Eugene Carroll on June 12, 2004 02:46 AM
Karen and Phil and Laura all had great suggestions.

I'd add Juniper or umbrella pine or mugo pine to the list, but they pretty much covered what's good for your zone and evergreen. Try the hollies first,but make sure you get good deep soil in there.

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