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My Splash Garden

July 31, 1999
In my quest to find a small rock to provide a bath for the butterflies which visit my garden, I stumbled (literally) across an almost perfect one. Normally a butterfly bath rock will be about a foot or so in diameter, and have a small hollow where water can accumulate. My rock was a bit bigger that that... (42"X28"X18")
This was a bit larger than what I felt would look good within the bounds of my butterfly garden, so I decided to use it as the focus of a 'splash' garden adjacent to the butterfly/hummingbird garden. The intent was to use a small submersible pump to recirculate the water from a small pool, over the edge of the stone, and return to the pool again. I feel that the sound of splashing water in a garden adds a new dimension and peace to the beauty of the flowers.
What can I say??? I got carried away (again), and my little splash garden now includes three small falls, two pools, and allows the water to travel downstream for twenty feet or so before it gets recirculated back to the top of the garden.
The pump has yet to be added, and I intend to add more plants to the borders. In the near future I will give you a more step by step layout of how I built this addition to my garden, and show you the finished product....
splash garden

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