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My butterfly and hummingbird garden

July 31, 1999
Originally, this garden consisted of a grape vine and an arbor to support it. I discovered a burl in my woods, which once lived as part of a giant Douglas Fir tree, a few hundred years ago. I thought it would look nice displayed beneath my arbor, as an accent. It needed a few flowers to brighten it up, so I removed the sod from an area about 12 feet by 6 feet. I prepared the soil so that I could add a few plants.
The garden grew from it's original boundaries, and is now 30 feet by about 8 feet, and includes over 30 perennials, and a hanging basket of annuals to attract and feed butterflies and hummingbirds.
In the near future, this page will be expanded to explain more fully which plants I used, and more details of the garden itself.
butterfly gardening

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