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The Garden Helper's Library

Animation, Graphics, and Image Files

This library of animation files, gifs and midi files on my site was collected from throughout the internet. I began the collection long ago as I looked for goodies to spiffy up my first home page.
It is my belief that these files were all offered for free homepage useage. I offer you free access to this archive and ask only that you do not abuse the privilege...
Feel free to download them to your computer to use on your personal web pages and e-mail.
In the event that you are the creator of one of these files, please let me know so I can give you the proper credit, or remove it from the site, if that is your wish.
wild ,weird ,and sometimes worthless animations
Free Screen Savers
Free Desktop Wallpaper
Animations and Graphics
Kid Stuff
Christmas Wishes
Christmas cookies
The Graphics Library The main catalog of graphics...
Hundreds of animated image files
are cataloged here for your quick
and easy viewing enjoyment.
Christmas animations and images
Christmas trees, bright lights & bells
Reindeer, sleighs & Santa Claus,
The Nativity & sweet Angels
Merry Christmas animation files
Pooh Bear Winnie the Pooh
Walt Disney's favorite fuzz ball
Winnie the Pooh Bear & friends
very own photo album
The Theme Park
Silly little pages I created
when I was obviously REALLY bored!
Fireworks shows, concerts, etc...
(Obvious lack of artistic ability..)
Animated pages with a theme

Free Screen Saver
Free Screensavers
Free Desktop Wallpaper

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