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Norfolk Pine

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by JimBob on January 02, 2005 04:55 PM
I thought a Norfolk Pine could handle cold weather. I put it on my back porch and suddenly, I have wilting. What can I do to save this 10 year old tree that is about 48" tall? Please help.
by Jiffymouse on January 02, 2005 05:10 PM
what i've learned about norfolk pines is this:

one, the name is wrong. it should be norfolk island pine - that is an island in the south pacific

two, being from the south pacific, they prefer warm temps, which is why they grow outside in south florida and as houseplants everywhere else.

three, they are more tempermental, but will hang in there (even unhappy) longer than most tempermental plants. go figure [dunno]

beyond that, i would recommend a site search of the garden helper because there have been a few good discussions and information posted on them.

welcome to the garden helper, and good luck with your plant!
by JoeLee O'L:ee on January 02, 2005 08:36 PM
I have two of these beautiful trees. One came at Christmas time about 7 years ago and it was 3 inches tall and was in the sack of one of those little plastic Santas. I guess you are supposed to throw them out after christmas. I did not and it is now about 6 feet tall. I know that it will not survive outside here in the DC area (it was 9.5F last Tues AM!) I carry it out in the spring and back in in the fall! Everytime I bring it back in it is taller and my darling companion packs another bag and sets it by the front door! But, Hey SHE brought it home and I cared for it and kept it healthy.
I have offered to plant it outside on the condition that I can build a living room around it.
I doubt that yours will survive outside during those freezing snaps that you have in Atlanta.
How about an electric blanket?

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