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Norfolk Pine

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by mojojo715 on August 06, 2004 06:51 PM
I have just learned that norfolk's like humidity, can I put it in a tray of pebbles with water or should I mist every day? the bottom needles have turned brown and fallen off, but I usually wait until it is completely dry before I water. This pine is very small, but has been growing regularly for the last two years. What is the best way to maintain humidity for this little baby?
by Will Creed on August 06, 2004 11:32 PM
Although Norfolk pines do come from an area where the air is quite moist, this plant can adapt to dry indoor air very readily as long as the roots are kept properly moist. If your tree is in the proper sized pot, then you should water it as soon as the top quarter of the rootball is dry.

Raising the humidity is fine, but it is not a substitute for proper watering. Misting does not raise the humidity for any longer than you can see the droplets on the leaves. Pebble trays are a far more effective method of increasing humidity.

Make sure your Norfolk pine is getting adequate light. It should be very close to a window that gets a couple of hours of direct sun each day.

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