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Indoor Primroses

Gardening Reference » Gardening in 2004
by AmatureGardener on January 15, 2004 05:52 PM
I need some help. I purchased a couple of primroses and I think I overwatered them. Anything I can do to save them?

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by Jiffymouse on January 15, 2004 06:46 PM
[wayey] hi amature [wayey] welcome to the garden helper. i don't have your answer, but wanted to say hi, and tell you to check back often because someone will be along who does know!
by lizheaemma on January 16, 2004 02:23 AM
Whether you will be able to save them or now will depend on the damage to the root! One thing I always try when I come across a overwatered plant is if it had drainage holes in the bottom to place the plant on a towel or paper towel, something absorbant and change it evertime they get wet! If the pot dosen't have drainage holes, then get one that does, that is the same size as the pot that it is already in and put the plant in that!

Hope that this helps!
by Will Creed on January 16, 2004 03:09 AM
What makes you think you overwatered them?
by AmatureGardener on January 16, 2004 01:31 PM
I think I overwaterd them because the leaves and flowers are all limp and hanging over the side of the pots. The woman at the store told me to water them from the bottom which I did, but I didn't think they were getting enough water. So, of course I watered from the top.

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