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christmas wreaths

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by joclyn on December 20, 2006 02:05 AM
use the recipe for the rice krispies treats.

substitute corn flakes for the rice krispies and put some green food dye into the marshmallow mixture (enough to make it a medium to dark green).

spray a fork (or a spoon) with some Pam spray and then form the wreaths on lightly greased cookie sheets (again with the Pam spray). you can respray the fork as needed.

once you've got the circles formed, place a couple or three of the little cinnamon candies (the small round things, in the baking aisle with the other decorative thingies) on the wreaths - pressing lightly so they stay in place.

refrigerate until they firm up. once they've gotten solid, they can be stored in an airtight container...i usually put a layer of waxed paper in between the layers.

they make a nice addition to a tray of homemade christmas cookies.
by Tonya on December 20, 2006 10:28 PM
Cool idea, joclyn! I think I may try this instead of fudge. I think Summer(and Doug) will eat more of them than my fudge- I usually wind up eating it all! [Embarrassed]

* * * *
 - Bote and Babe's World
by joclyn on December 21, 2006 01:35 AM
they don't look like they're made with marshmallow so it's so unexpected when people bite in to them! they've always gone over very well when i've made them!
by ksgardnr on January 11, 2007 12:36 AM
I worked with a teacher that made one of these, but she made it with popcorn & colored gumdrops, & she used a fruit rollup to make the bow, plus the cinnamon redhots, it was really cool & tasted yummy! I will have to try to make the rice crispie wreath for Valentines, I bet you could shape it like a heart & decorate it with heart candies & sprinkles or something, that sounds yummy too! Thanks for the ideas joclyn! [thumb]

* * * *

by joclyn on February 08, 2007 04:57 AM
oh! that's a terrific idea!!!

either the rice krispies or the corn flakes could be shaped into hearts. maybe decorate with the tiny candies shaped like hearts (the kind for on cakes). or even write messages with icing like those on the necco hearts...

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