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Morning Glory clippings

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by cessbunny1 on August 13, 2004 02:21 AM
My parents have a beautiful morning glory covering their backyard fence. Is it possible to clip some vines from that same plant and plant them in my yard to regrow? Thanks all!

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by loz on August 13, 2004 05:14 AM
Welcome to the forum Cessbunny, I don't have the answer for you....but I'll move your post to the plants and flowers section where I'm sure you'll get a lot more replies...... [wayey]

laura [Smile]
by catlover on August 13, 2004 08:11 AM
Welcome to The Garden Helper forum Cessbunny1 [wayey]

I do not know if you can take a cutting and transplant them but I do know you can collect some of your parents seeds from the plant and they will grow. When I was younger I planted some on my dad's back fence....then took the seeds from those and scattered them in the sparse packet of seeds worth will go a long way.
Click on the link below and it will take you to a work up Bill has prepared here at the garden helper on Morning Glories!
Morning glories

Hopefully someone will come by and let us all know if you can start M. glories from a clipping!
Catlover [wayey]

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