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help me with a plant

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by froghollowlady on May 20, 2005 05:14 AM
I live in Alabama and I have came across a plant..the little flowers are green and the tuber looks like a sweet potato...I can send a picture to any one that wants to see it..
thank you
frog hollow lady
by weezie13 on May 20, 2005 05:56 AM

Welcome to The Garden Helper's Forum!!!
We're very glad you found us!!!

If you go to one of these sites, *and there is other's too, just can't remember the names*...
(*I hear that the photobucket is the easiest*).


It's FREE to download your pictures too....
Then you can attach the URL from the place you choose, copy and paste the URL, then click on the IMAGE botton, and insert the URL into there.
*there will be a highlighted blue http:/ thing there, either delete it or click your backspace button to get rid of it

I hope this helps..


P/S There's some other gardener's that do use pictures alot and maybe able to help you alot better than I did, Afgreyparrot/Cindy, Loz, Jiffy, G~mom, Plants~n~Pots, Carly....tons of them know how and can give you a hand if you need it....

P/S/S There's a few of us here that are FROG lovers too!!!
Hope you stick around and enjoy the fun!!!

* * * *

Don't forget to be kind to strangers. For some who have
done this have entertained angels without realizing it.
- Bible - Hebrews 13:2

by tkhooper on May 20, 2005 01:37 PM

I have photobucket and I made the most amazine discovery this week. When you want to post one of the pictures you have on that site just go down to the image box below the picture in photobucket copy the text in there and bring it here and paste. It has all the ubb code already attached. Isn't that cool.

I probably can't help with the identification of your plant cause I'm a beginner and don't know very much. but I love looking at the pictures.

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