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help my rose plant

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by hinda on December 18, 2005 06:04 PM
a few months ago i saved a neglected rose plant from being thrown out. it hadnt been watered in over a month, but responded well to me cutting off all the dead leaves and part of the taller branches. everyhting grew back nicely. since then the leaves are red/green but no flowers (though i have a feeling i have awhile to wait for them). the plant is ina plastic planter, and i put it outside in a plce that gets a few hours of direct sun everyday. now winter by us sort forgot to come a long till a couple of days ago so we had no rain for a month and over 70 degrees everyday, i watered the plant once or twice a week. buyt now it is staritng to look dry and not so healthy - sorry no pictures! what can i do to help it grow healthier and maybe even get a few flowers?
sorry this is so long
by tkhooper on December 18, 2005 09:36 PM
for flowers you have to wait for summer then it will bloom all the way through fall. Make sure you water it's toes not it's nose is one of the things I've heard about roses. Also, they like a little epsom salts. If you look into the monthly calendars that Bill has made for the garden you'll see Roses just about all year round so you'll know what to do when.

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by Jon on December 22, 2005 03:48 AM
Not sure what your actual climate is where you are at in Israel (assuming Israel from your post line). I know that parts of Israel tend toward desert climates - similar to my climate in Nevada.

Part of the question as to flowering could stem, bsides the actual season for flowers (as TKHooper pointed out) from the plant simply putting its strength into recuperation. It may struggle a bit at first - give it some good TLC, and you may see flowers begin about February or March (one of the good things about a desert climate).

Another issue - some roses virtually bloom year round - others only bloom once or maybe twice a year. As long as it leafed out - like you said it did, it should be fine.

I've had a couple of rose bushes that took 2 or 3 years to grab hold and really start to perform - again, I chalk that up to the desert climate.


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