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by BFVISION on May 15, 2005 02:47 PM
On a non plant related question, I have been searching my local nurseries for garden gnomes, finials, etc and have been disappointed with the price [shocked] and the lack of imagination or variety. I have had some success with the antique shops but it is limited. C

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by tkhooper on May 15, 2005 02:55 PM
The price won't please you but the imagination will.

Design Toscano

The imagination may not please you but the prices will.

Collections Inc.

Hope this helps some.
by gardenmom32210 on May 15, 2005 04:06 PM
Check out your local Family Dollar/Dollar General stores. The ones here have lots of little garden ornaments,they even had 10inch high garden gnomes for $5. I've gotten lots of stuff from them [thumb]

G-Mom [grin]
by Meg on May 15, 2005 06:25 PM
TK, that Design Toscano is great!! I just spent the last hour or so there, browsing everything. There are actually a few affordable items in there. (Affordable being around $30 or less.) I saw some really beautiful stuff, but of course, I generally have expensive taste. I don't intentionally pick out the expensive stuff.. I just say, "oooooh, I like that", and then look at the price, and say.. "no wonder." It's usually the highest priced items. [Roll Eyes]

Anyways, I bookmarked it, and think I'll be placing an order when I


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by weezie13 on May 15, 2005 06:31 PM
I love that Design Toscano, I get a
catalog sent to me...
What stuff in there.

I get alot of the "garden ornaments"
at the local places, Wally~World, Eckard's~pharmacy, Rite~Aid, K~marts, and
local feed mills...
or QVC and HSN..


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by tkhooper on May 15, 2005 06:34 PM
We forgot BIG LOTS!!!!!

Can't forget them lol.

Weezie the catalog has the unicorn garden statue on the front cover. I so wanted that but, can't really can't.

That is however where I got the peacock shelf that is now haning on my wall and I just love it.

Meg I know I spent days going back to that web-site I'd look and then look again and then look again. Fortunately they do have a bargain area so now I stick to that.

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