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stubborn seed

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by Bigbeezer on July 29, 2004 07:26 PM
I've planted new seed (Polo Mix purchased from Turf-Seed in Canby, OR) - it is a combo of Rye and Fescue. I did a thorough job of prepreation, testing soil and adding Lime, then added about 4~6" of organic top soil. I seeded about 3+ weeks ago, and I have many bare spots and a few areas of yellowing (one that looks like red thread). I would estimate that most of my new seedlings are about 1"~2" in height. Oh, and my watering went like this: I watered about 3~5 times/day in the first 1.5 weeks to keep it moist, but not long enough to have runnoff. I now have it watering about 3 times/week where I soak it really well, averaging about 1"/week of water. I think this is recommended.

The one thing I didn't do and should have was to add fertilizer into my soil before I put seed down.

Can anyone help. I wish I could attach pic's to this log. Oh well.

by NickN on August 03, 2004 07:28 PM
Did you apply your topsoil "after" seeding?If so,and you covered your seed with 4 to 6" of topsoil,that's the problem.
by afgreyparrot on August 04, 2004 06:52 AM
When we put grass seed down here, we use a spreader to put the seed down on the topsoil, then just cover with straw and water. We've never covered it up with more soil...just leave the seeds right on top the soil, then covered with straw. It always does great.


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