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by Ruishi Nanki on August 31, 2005 10:24 AM
I'm trying to figure out what type or kind (general is ok, specific is better) of mushrooms are good to grow with radishes. I really don't want to be growing a "destroying angel" a.k.a. amanita virosa , or galerina autumnalis, or even just the poisonous ones like the green-spored lepiota chlorophyllum molybdites, or the jack-o'-lantern fungus that looks like a chanterelle. PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE!!! I would like to harvest my mushrooms too, after my science fair! Puffballs--yum, yum! black trumpet (horn of plenty), best> me likes- Japanese shitake!!! YUM YUM GOOD!!! Science Fair= bleh!
by Shani on September 03, 2005 02:01 PM
Sounds like you already know a few mushroom to grow, theres also the King Bolis or you average button mushroom (Agaricalis Brunescens I may have spelt that wrong)

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by Ruishi Nanki on September 07, 2005 10:12 AM
it's ok!! Thanks...but *sniff, sniff* due to rather slow teacher made me choose I choose a mushroom I particularily am familiar with and I like it too! The Shiitake Mushroom!!!! Yummmy!!! Thanks Shani!!! Plus...what are King Bolis? Are they puffball mushrooms? Never heard of them...

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