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Dracaena NOT Scheflerra-so sorry!

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by toogreenthumb on December 02, 2005 03:07 AM
Major mistake in my first post...I asked about my "schefflera"...22 years old, 12 feet tall....WHOOPS-the plant is actually a Dracaena fragrans-looked it up. You can see a photo of the type of plant I am talking about at

It bloomed this year. I have left every leaf on it so trunk is not visible. Now the top of my plant is growing across our bedroom ceiling. I have been told air layering would be a way to control the growth. I do not want to shock the plant. I also do not want another shoot coming out at the top if I just trim it down.

Thanks to those who helped me with the "shefflera"-though a mistake-good advice.
by Myrna on December 02, 2005 03:40 AM
Wow I have one on my job but it's much smaller. the problem mine is having is the tips are turning brown, any ideas?

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Myrna R

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