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dracaena plant - how to propogate?

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by hallen on September 17, 2005 07:50 PM
Hi out there -
This is my third post. I've enjoyed reading all the info on this page over the last few months. I acquired a plant last March that I've been calling a palm but I now believe is a dracaena plant, judging from pictures I've seen on this site.
I almost killed it at first, but eventually figured out how much to water and sun it, and gave it a new pot. It's grown from two to four feet tall this summer. It has two main stalks, with long green leaves growing out to the sides.
My question: My husband likes the plant at home [Wink] , but would like to take some of it to work, and so would I. Though has two stalks, the roots are intertwined. How can I make a cutting?
Looking forward to your response...

by Jiffymouse on September 18, 2005 04:46 AM
that is an easy one! you can cut the top off, about 6 inches below the lowest leaves, and put it in a pot, just like the one the original plant is in. then, water it when you water the original. what will happen to the original is that it will send out one or two shoots from the side of the stem, just below where the cut was made. that makes it very pretty and interesting looking, and you can get all the cuttings you want that way!
by hallen on September 18, 2005 05:02 AM
Thanks, Jiffymouse. I think I can do that. But I was confused when you said 6 inches below the lowest leaves. My lowest leaves are right at the base, and they grow out all the way to the top. The stem is green, just like the leaves. I'm worried we may not be talkng about the same plant. Do I have to remove most of my plant or can I just take some off the top and leave the rest?
by Jiffymouse on September 18, 2005 05:26 AM
you may have a draceana "janet craig". if you do, that's no problem, i was thinking that it was a draceana marginata. just pick a spot about 4" or so from the top, and snip it off. then cut off the bottom 2" of leaves, poke the bare stem in the soil. same principal. draceanas are among the easiest to propagate that i have ever found!

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