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pampass grass

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by kt on May 30, 2006 11:31 AM
my grass is getting out of hand
i like it but need to know how to deal with this plant which already has had a go at slicing my arms
any ideas on how to prune and nurture would be greatly appreciated

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by Bill on May 30, 2006 11:44 AM
I am moving your question down to the Plants and Flowers Forum so that others can add input and access these links.

Growing Ornamental Grasses in the Garden

Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana)

Dividing Pampas Grass

Other Ornamental Grasses
by eClaire on May 31, 2006 02:35 AM
I have heard that you can tie the whole thing together with string(heavy duty of course) and use a chainsaw to chop it. This should be done every year - I don't remeber if its spring or fall though. I live at the beach so there's ornamental grass everywhere!
Gopod luck!

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by Budman on June 01, 2006 06:19 AM
From what I just read it looks like the best time to prune and/or devide Pampas grass is in the very early spring before the new growth really starts. I am thinking of planting two of them at the entrance to my driveway. However, when I looked up Bills link on Pampas grass it stated that the grass likes "Full to partial shade". Is this in error as I remember seeing it planted in full sun, not full shade. Claire, I have been to Va.Beach many times and I always love the vast amount of ornamental grasses as well as the HUGE crape myrtles!! Especially over by the Aquarium. Take care.
by eClaire on June 02, 2006 01:11 PM
I love the crepe mertles everywhere too...we thought about getting one, but are planning to move next summer so we will wait untill then [Smile]

pampass is very much full sun, as are most ornamentals from what i've read.

Budman - where is unionville?? never heard of it....

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by Budman on June 03, 2006 06:09 AM
Full sun is what I thought. Bill might want to change that description to reflect that as it was kind of confusing.

Unionville is in Orange County, Va. and is very close to Lake Anna if you are familar with that. The closest city is Fredericksburg and I am about eighteen miles west of it. I have many good memories of V.Beach and am really impressed with how they have improved that area the last few years. Take care, Bud-

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