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I need help with my dying plant.

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by slap_shot_12 on September 11, 2005 01:37 PM
I'm gonna confess right up front that I know little to nothing about plants. They need water, and someone once suggested to me that they need light - preferably sunlight. That's the extent of my knowledge.

Anyway, I have this big plant that starting to get these brown spots all over. I don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong. What should I do???

You can see pictures of what I mean at:

Dead Plant Photo 1
Dead Plant Photo 2

Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated!!!
by joclyn on September 11, 2005 02:06 PM
that looks like it's in the dracaena family.

how long has it been in the pot that it's in? how big is the pot? how often are you watering it? and how much are you water are you giving it?

it looks like you may not be giving it enough water and/or you may not be watering it often enough.
by Jiffymouse on September 11, 2005 10:51 PM
yep, draceana type family, probably one that is commonly called a "corn plant" don't remember the proper name right this second.

looks like a humidity problem, not a watering/dying problem. that is very easy to remedy. get a tray, about an inch or so deep, about an inch or so larger around than your plant, put some rocks in it so the plant doesn't sit down in the tray, but rather ontop of it, then fill the tray with water, making sure the water doesn't touch the bottom of the pot. when the water evaporates, the plant will be happy because it will ge natural humidity.

as for the old/brown/"dying" leaves, just cut them off at the base of the leaf. won't hurt a thing.
by slap_shot_12 on September 14, 2005 06:22 AM

Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try.
by Triss on September 14, 2005 07:45 AM
Wash carefully after handling the dracena. I read that their sap is poisonous.

Other than those few brown leaves, it looks like a very healthy plant!

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by RumBum on September 16, 2005 02:00 AM
That's a kinda tropical plant. Based on your picture #2 it looks like you have it at the top of a stairwell. Is the plant getting enough light there? I would think move it to a spot next to a window.

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