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more w/ jades

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by netherlight on July 27, 2004 12:35 AM

so - i've had this jade for about a year - not overly big. recently, it's started losing leaves at an alarming rate. most of the fallen leaves look perfectly healthy (no spots, no fungusy growth). a few of them are healthy on one side and horribly black and dry on the other (like paper thin and paper dry). is this just sunburn? i can't see why the healthy leaves would fall off if it were just sunburn... any help? thanks!
by Nako on July 27, 2004 03:10 AM
Hi Netherlight!

M'kay, jades have this thingy where when they grow bark, the leaves that are in the bark area fall off. When those leaves fall off, new branches come out of the spot where the leaves fell off. Is there new growth?

The bottom two leaves of my minature jade fell off a few weeks ago, and i noticed that there was a lot of bark starting to appear around the base. The two leaves that fell off created one jade, and one of the leaves that you're talkin about. On the bottom, it gets a pool collected under it, and rots. Are the leaves that are discolored on one side still on the jade, or have they fallen off? if its cuz they've fallen off, then don't worry about them at all [Smile]

Now, as long as you're getting new growth still, then the leaves that are falling off shouldn't be too much of a bother. It gets enough light right? And you don't over water it, right? Those could also contribute to leave loss. If there's not enough light, it'll be like "oh well what do i need these leaves for?" and ya it'll drop em. If it gets too much water, the water will collect inside the leaves and the thing'll be like "dah! leaves too heavy!" and gets rid of em.

Okie doke enough personification. Good luck with your jade [Smile]


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by netherlight on July 28, 2004 03:37 AM
awesome. thanks so much.

upon closer inspection, it seems that there is some new growth, which is good i guess.

and, upon reflection, i might have overwatered it a touch in the past weeks - the majority of the fallen leaves are quite plump.

so, i'll sit tight for now.

thanks so much!

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