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by Josh on September 24, 2002 06:24 AM
I have several Calladiums?, I believe that is their name, planted in a large planter on my front porch. They look like the miniature elephant ears, some are read and some are green with variegated leaves. When they die off this fall, can I save the bulbs in a bag over the winter and then replant them again in the spring? I know they would not be hardy in the planter, but I am wanting to plant them in a new bed I made in my yard, and I am not sure if they would be hardy there in the ground, or if I will have to dig them up every year. I live in Nashville, TN. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!!
by mom54 on September 24, 2002 10:07 AM
Yes, I would dig them out for the winter. I live in zone 8, coastal S.C.I have left them in the ground and I have gotten a few that have come back, but they weren't as nice looking. Do you have a garage or celler that you could store the whole pot? Then you could just dig them out in the spring. Be sure to wait until the ground warms up. They do not like to be cold.

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by Josh on September 24, 2002 10:04 PM
Thank You!!

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