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by hurricane on January 07, 2006 01:56 AM
Help! I have 3 bromeliad plants in the house I live in zone 7 which gets as low as 20 degrees. However, my plants are inside. The flower part is starting to brown and lose color. They are all planted in a ceramic bowl should I replant them? There is no ability for drainage.


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trying to be a gardner
by Nako on January 07, 2006 02:47 AM
bromeliads live through the water stored in their "cup" so you don't have to worry much about repotting them ^.^ As for the flower, it lasts around 6 month and then dies off. During the time that the flower is there, it'll have babies sprouting around the edge of the "mother plant" After the flower dies, you can wait for those little baby plants to get good and established and put them in different pots if you wish. Don't keep the soil too wet though. They can survive in dry soil, and ya. Their roots are basically only there to keep them in the ground.

Good luck!

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by Cricket on January 07, 2006 06:38 PM
Nako's advice is generally good but I think current acceptable watering practices of Bromeliads as houseplants is to water the soil, not the cups. Unless changed frequently, water in cups will quickly so stagnant, smelly and a breeding ground for bacteria.


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