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How to Grow and Care for your Trumpet Creeper Vine

Campsis radicans

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The Trumpet Creeper is a deciduous, clinging vine with dark green, 6"-12"
compound leaves consisting of many smaller leaflets.
They are capable of quickly climbing to heights of 30 feet or more if conditions are favorable.
Throughout the summer they produce terminal clusters of 6-12,
bright scarlet orange, 3" trumpet shaped flowers.
A Hummingbird Favorite!
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Growing Requirements for Trumpet Creeper Vines

Trumpet Creepers are hardy in USDA zones 4-10.
They will require a support structure to grow on, and it is a good idea to have this in place before planting. Trumpet Creeper vines are happy to climb over arbors, trellises, fences, walls and even high up into a tree.
They will attach themselves to the support with aerial roots along the stem, but you should add supplemental ties until the roots get a good grip, especially in wind prone areas .

Plant your Trumpet Creeper where it will receive full sun to light shade for most of the day.
They should be grown in reasonably rich, moist,well-drained soil.
Water regularly and thoroughly during the summer months.
Feed monthly during the growing season, with a good, all purpose fertilizer.
Pinch back the tips of new growth frequently to induce bushiness.

To keep your established Trumpet Vine contained and promote better flowering, prune the vines back
to a few buds each in late winter or before new growth starts early in the spring.
Remove seed pods as they form to extend the blooming season.
Trumpet Creepers bloom on new wood from the current year.

Propagating Trumpet Creepers and Growing them from Seed

Trumpet Creeper vines can be propagated by tip cuttings taken in early to mid-summer.
Sucker growths that appear near the base of the plant can be dug up and transplanted.
Tip layering is also an easy way to propagate new Trumpet Vines.
Simply pin or peg a growing tip of your plant to the ground
and wait for the roots to develop before severing the new plant from the mother.

Trumpet Creeper seeds require a chilling period of two months
called stratification before germination.

Place the seeds in moistened growing medium and keep in the refrigerator for two months.
Seeds can bee sown into the garden in early spring or they can be started indoors. Indoors, maintain a temperature of 70° within the growing medium until germination, which takes 15-20 days.
Do not move young plants outdoors until the soil is well warmed in the spring.
Trumpet Creeper
Campsis radicans
The Flowers and Foliage of a Trumpet Creeper Vine A Trumpet Creeper Vine Blooming in the Garden, Campsis radicans

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