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Dividing and Propagating new Bird of Paradise Plants

Strelitzia reginae

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Robert Smout wrote and asked: "I have a large bird of paradise which needs to be transplanted."
I need info on how to do it, so I don't kill it.
It seems to be splitting into two but I need to know if I separate when transplanting or leave as one.
This is the first time it has bloomed since I got it ten years ago, and I would like to keep it this way.
Considering I live at 9600 ft. in the rockies I thought this was a good sign.

Photograph of a Bird of Paradise Flower
To someone living in L.A., the fact that your Bird of paradise bloomed, is just another ho-hum.
However, since I live in the mountains of Washington, I assure you that you deserve an 'atta boy'.
My Strelitzia regenia took 7 years to bloom, and it was in a hothouse!
Now you can be twice as proud.......

Dividing Bird of Paradise Plants

Dividing your Bird of Paradise will be easy once you have removed it from the pot.
The roots are very thick and fleshy, so be careful, but don't be nervous, these plants are pretty tough.
Try to separate (unravel?) the roots coming from each division, and then carefully cut between the two plant sections with a CLEAN, sharp knife.
It is a good idea to dust the fresh cuts with a rooting hormone, such as 'Roottone'.
Cut off any of the roots that may have been badly damaged during the operation.
Repot each section in a sterile pot, using a good commercial potting soil.
Keep in mind that Bird of Paradise plants bloom best when they are rootbound, so keep the new pot size as small as is feasible.
Do not water the plants for 2-3 days to give the cuts a chance to 'callous' over before resuming moderate watering
Give your Bird of Paradise a shot of all purpose fertilizer next spring, and watch them grow! Your Strelitzias should be blooming again in the following year.

Growing the Bird of Paradise from Seed

Bird of Paradise seeds must be sown while they are fresh, so plant them as soon as possible after harvest.
Soak your seeds in room temperature water for 3-4 days prior to planting (Be sure to change the water daily!)
Plant the seeds about an inch deep and keep the potting mix moist and very warm (about 85° F.)
It doesn't matter which side of the seed is "up".
Germination can take anywhere from one month to a year, depending on the soil temperature and freshness of the seeds, so be patient.

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