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How to Grow and Care for a Butterfly Flower Plant

Schizanthus wisetonensis

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The 1½" orchid like flowers of a Butterfly Flower contrast beautifully against the
soft, finely cut foliage of this annual plant from the mountains of Chile.
The Butterfly Flower plant, which is related to the Petunia, is often called the Poor Man's Orchid.
Schizanthus wisetonensis grows to a height of 1-2 feet, forming a neat, rounded clump
that produces masses of brightly colored flowers from July until September.
Butterfly Flower Plants can be grown outdoors in containers and bought indoors once they begin to bloom.
Cut Butterfly Flowers will last up to a week in your home.

Growing Requirements for Butterfly Flower Plants

Schizanthus plants dislike extremes of heat or cold, preferring cool, moist conditions.
They bloom best when grown in full sun, however, in warmer climates they should planted in light shade to prolong their growing season.
Deeder the Garden Gnome
After planting, water them regularly, keeping the soil moist throughout the summer and early fall.
Feed your Schizanthus about every two weeks with a balanced, 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer.

Growing Butterfly Flowers from Seed

Schizanthus seeds tend to be very slow to germinate, so you may want to purchase bedding plants from your garden center.
Butterfly Flower seeds can be started indoors twelve weeks before your last frost date.
Do not cover the seeds with soil, but cover the tray with black plastic or keep it in a dark location until the seeds germinate in 20-25 days Keep the temperature within the growing medium at 60°-70°
Plant Butterfly Flowers in the garden, 12 inches apart in rich, well draining soil when all danger of frost has passed.

A Butterfly Flower
Schizanthus wisetonensis
A Red Butterfly Flower, Schizanthus wisetonensis

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