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Less Popular Vegetables

March 16, 2000

Plant Planting time Spacing Planting depth Harvest Notes


Early spring Plants 12" apart
Rows 4 feet apart
4"-5" Yearly after second year Normally sold and planted as "crowns"
Soak crowns for 3 hours prior to planting
Apply a superphosphate fertilizer (0-20-0) before planting
Drought tolerant

Brussels Sprouts

Plants: early spring
Seeds: late June
Plants 18"24" apart
Rows 2-3 feet apart
1/4" 90 days Cool season crop
Harvest when small (1"-2")
Will survive light frost


2 weeks after last frost Plants 24" apart
Rows 3 feet apart
1/4" 90-125 days Use bedding plants in short season areas
Thrive in warmer temperatures
Harvest when 4-5 inches long


Early spring Plant roots at slight downward angle
4 feet apart
2" Yearly (fall) Perennial vegetable
Normally sold and planted as a root cutting
Requires moist, rich, organic soil


2 weeks after last frost Plants 12" apart
Rows 3-4 feet apart
3/4" 50-75 days Harvest when young (2"-3")
Harvest often to encourage production
Choose fast maturing varieties


Early spring Plants 36"-60" apart
Rows 4 feet apart
Crown of plant at soil level Spring of second year Perennial cool climate crop
Prefers slightly acid soil
Remove flowers promptly!
Control weeds

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