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January 23, 2011
Photograph of Decorative Gourds
Cucurbita Vines

Gourds are very closely related to cucumbers, Squash and melons. They have a growing season of anywhere from 120-180 days, so you will want to get them started as early as possible.
January 24, 2011
Gloxinia in Bloom
Sinningia hybridus

Gloxinias come in a wide range of colors, with variations in both foliage and flower forms. They are tuberous plants which are usually grown as houseplants, but can also be grown in containers in a shaded part of the garden.
January 25, 2011
Primula Vialli
Primula vialii

There are hundreds of species and varieties of Primrose that are suitable for a wide range garden uses. Primroses prefer cool temperatures, rich humus soil with lots of compost.
Hardy in USDA zones 5-9
January 26, 2011
Ligularia dentata
Leopard Plant

Ligularias are unusual perennials with big leaves and unique daisy-like flowers. They are excellent specimen plants for growing in tubs, boggy areas or along the banks of stream or pond. The ideal location for growing most Ligularias is in a bog garden with fertile, humus-rich soil in partial shade.
Hardy in USDA zones 4-9
January 27, 2011
Cape Fuchsia
Cape Fuchsia
Phygelius capensis

Cape Fuchsias are shrubby, evergreen perennials that are a favorite flower of hummingbirds.
They have a long blooming season from early summer until the first frost.
Hardy in USDA zones 5-10
January 28, 2011
Penstemon Cambridge
Beard Tongue
Penstemon 'Cambridge'

The Penstemon's brightly colored, tubular flowers are sure to attract lots of Butterflies and Hummingbirds to your garden.
Penstemons make great container plants.
Hardy in USDA zones 4-9
January 29, 2011
Trillium grandiflorum
Wake Robin
Trillium grandiflorum

Trilliums are spring blooming, shade loving, perennial woodland wildflowers. They may perish if their foliage is cut from the plant. There are 30 species of these long blooming, slow spreading, clumping perennials.
Hardy in USDA zones 5-9.
January 30, 2011
Bee Balm Plant
Bee Balm
Monarda didyma

Monarda plants grow from two to four feet tall depending on the variety, and will fit well into your herb, Hummingbird, or Butterfly Garden. Lower growing varieties of Bee Balm can be used for a perennial border planting.
Hardy in USDA zones 4-9.
January 31, 2011
Pieris japonica
Japanese Pieris
Pieris japonica

Japanese Pieris is a nice plant to add to the garden for early spring color. Compact, evergreen shrub has 3-4 inch foliage that emerges as coppery-pink, then turns deep green. Clusters of flowers open in February or early March.
Hardy in USDA zones 4-8.

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