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How to Grow and Care for an Andromeda Plant

Pieris japonica

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The Lily of the Valley Shrub or Andromeda Plant, Pieris japonica is a compact, symetrical, evergreen shrub
that grow from 6-12 feet tall and wide. Pieris have leathery, 3-4 inch foliage that emerges after blooming,
as a coppery-pink, before turning to a deep green.
The flower buds are produced in late fall and remain unopened throughout the winter before
opening into cascading clusters of small, urn shaped flowers in February or early March.

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Growing Requirements for Pieris Japonica

The Lily of the Valley Shrub is hardy in USDA zones 4-8, but performs best in temperate climates.
Pieris may grow, but will not thrive in warmer regions.

Pieris japonica shrubs grow best in partial shade but they will enjoy some morning sun.
They must be shaded from full sun in the heat of the day.
Pieris can be grown in full shade, but they will not flower as well
and the new foliage growth is usually not as brilliant.

Andromeda should be planted in moderately moist, well drained,
slightly acidic soil to which peat moss has been added.
Water regularly and thoroughly. Pieris are apt to die if the soil dries out too much,
or if the soil becomes too soggy.

Pieris are not heavy feeders, but they should be fed in mid-February or mid-May
using a Rhododendron type fertilizer, following label directions.

Pruning Pieris Plants

The primary pruning that needs to be done to Pieris plants is to regularly pick-off the old spent flowers.
If your Pieris should need to be shaped or reduced in size, it should be pruned immediately after it has finished flowering.

Propagating Andromeda Plants and Growing them from Seed

Pieris plants can be propagated by tip cuttings taken in spring or from semi-hardwood cuttings taken in the summer.
Pieris cuttings are slow to take root, so bottom heat is recommended.

Layering is also an easy way to propagate new Andromeda plants
Simply pin or peg a growing tip of your plant to the ground
and wait for the roots to develop before severing the new plant from the mother.

Pieris japonica seeds should be planted directly into the garden in early spring.

Lily of the Valley Shrub
Pieris japonica
A White Flowered Lily of the Valley Shrub in Bloom, Pieris japonica Fresh Spring Foliage of an Andromeda Plant, Pieris japonica A Valley Valentine Pieris in Bloom

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