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The Garden Helper is created, written and maintained by Bill Beaurain. The graphics were collected from a wide variety of sites, with the belief that they are free domain and may be used for personal projects. All gardening information pages and photographs found within are COPYRIGHT 2000 and may not be reproduced or redistributed for any commercial purpose without the express written consent of The Garden Helper.
Webmasters are generally allowed to use my writings provided they receive permission and provide authorship credit and a link to The Garden Helper. Personal use and copying of data and images is of course, permitted.
Plant Care Guides
Gardening Basics
 • The Gardening Calendar
 • Glossary of Gardening Terms
 • Selecting a healthy plant
 • Gardening with Children
 • State Flowers, Trees and Birds
Fruits and Vegetables
 • Asparagus
 • Avocado
 • Brussels sprouts
 • Eggplant
 • Gourds
 • Grapes
 • Horseradish
 • Kiwi vines
 • Okra
 • Onions
 • Peaches
 • Peanuts
 • Potatoes
 • Raspberries
 • Rhubarb
 • Strawberries
 • Tomato blight
 • Tomato blight II
 • Tomato splits and cracks
Creating New Gardens
 • Creating a new garden
 • Prepare the planting site
 • Prepare the planting hole
 • Growing Plants from Seed
 • Propagate new plants by Cuttings
 • Composting your Garden Waste
 • Test and Adjust your Soil pH
 • Provide adequate Drainage
 • Garden according to your Climate
 • Flower Gardens
 • Caring for Garden Tools
 • Controlling Weeds
 • Planting New Lawns
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