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More Problems with Tomato Blight Virus

After a very rainy spring and very wet beginning of Sept. I lost all but one of my tomato plants. I'm getting different answers to my question regarding next year's garden. Do I have to wait three years to plant tomatoes in the same spot? What if I use the spray we successfully used to save the plants in the Spring on the ground? Do you think planting under the eves of the house will help ? Thank you! Linda

Excess rain can contribute to Tomato Blight

It seems that everyone has their own answers about tomatoe blight. I've heard so many, and I really don't have the answers. Two years ago was the first experience I had with blight. I asked around then, and was led to believe that skipping a year or two would solve the problem. I tried again this year, planting the tomatoes 100 feet away, in new soil. The plants were thriving, and it hadnt rained for three weeks, But blight struck anyway.Three days and the plants and fruit were gone.....Next year, and from now on, I'll let someone else grow 'em. If you found a spray that works, please let me know what it is, I'll pass it on. I would imagine that you will have to use it for several years though. As far as planting them under the eaves of your house goes,I think it would help fight a new infection, but apparently the virus stays in the soil for some time, so you may still have the problem,,,wet or dry.

Tomato Blight Part 1

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