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Erodiums, How to Grow and Care for Alpine Geranium Plants

Erodium reichardii

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Alpine Geraniums are delicate looking but tough little plants.
Erodium reichardii are also known by several 'bird' names.
The names Heronsbill, Cranesbill and Storksbill are in reference to the plant's hard, beak-like seed pods.
Prism, the Gnome Princess Alpine Geranium plants are hardy in USDA zones 7-10.
They are low growing (3"-6" tall) plants that form compact, dense 12" evergreen mounds
of tufted, dark green foliage with scalloped edges.
From April until October they provide a continuing show of solitary, ½" saucer shaped
rose-pink flowers or white flowers with red veins.
Erodiums are excellent plants for Rock Gardens or for any place that a low growing,
flowering ground cover plant is desired.
They are well suited for growing in containers,
and can even be grown as a House Plant, if you have a sunny window.

Growing requirements for Alpine Geraniums

Erodiums should be planted 8"-12" apart in gritty, very well-drained soil, with a slightly alkaline soil pH.
Add lime to the soil in the fall if you have acid soil.
They will produce more flowers if they are grown in full sun,
but will happily grow and bloom in partial shade as well.
Water regularly and thoroughly when your Alpine Geranium is in bloom, but keep on the dry side while dormant.

Propagating Erodium Plants and Growing them from Seed

Erodiums can be divided in the spring.

Basal cuttings can be taken from side shoots taken from the base of the plant as soon as they emerge in late spring. Each cutting should include a small sliver of the parent crown attached at the base!
Erodium seeds should be sown directly into the garden as soon as they are ripe in the fall.
Erodium reichardii
A Heronsbill Plant in Bloom, Erodium reichardii The Flowers of a Heronsbill Plant

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