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Peace Lillies (devestated)

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by foliagefreak on February 09, 2004 12:15 AM
Had two Large Spathipyhllum, still do whats left of them. Introduced a puppy to the family last week. Came home from work to find plants turned over and leaves ripped off Reduced to bare stalks ( dog had a hay day) In an attempt to save what was left I repotted the stalks in new containers. I was planning to do this in the spring anyway they were out growing their pots. The Spaths are now starting to regrow.

Question 1 These plants were over 4 feet tall in their glory BD (before dog) How long before they regain the size they once were

Question 2 Do they have a chance? since I repotted them in the middle of winter. They were still flowering before getting destroyed

and yes Steps have been taken to keep puppy from getting near my plants again.
by Flower on February 09, 2004 12:26 AM
[shocked] Yikes [shocked]

Gee what a shame your puppy got to your plants. Hehehe...I bet he had a great time!

As long as the roots were not damaged....they should regrow. They are a pretty resiliant plant. I think come spring you should be seeing some good growth...but it might take 2 or 3 years before it gets to looking like it did....BD days.

Good luck.....and welcome to The Garden Helper.

* * * *
by njoynit on February 09, 2004 07:59 PM
as long as roots are ok they will come back they will grow slow right now cause of lighting forwinter.I'm nurseing my MIL back to health and rooting cuttings off it also.she tried to drown hers in their moat of a yard..the swamp.I've got all new growth now.maybe by summer you should be back to normal.
I got one of them bad dogs also.She went in garage and nipped on my snap dragons& strawberry plants.left me 2 plants out 6 so the 3 were going to trade off decided i'd keep them now& hung my baskets back up.was only in there on ground cause was cold temps for 2 days.She turned my christmas cactus over also.shes gotton a few others over time too.munched down my clois before got to root was waste to buy that on clearance to root cuttings for the spring.
good luck.I beat my dog with southern livieng. [devil]

* * * *
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