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wintering bulbs

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by wannabee on November 08, 2005 06:57 AM
I've twice failed to save dahlia bulbs over the winter. Dug them up, the first time I cleaned and dried them, the second time I didn't clean them (just shook off any extra dirt) packed them in sawdust in a paper bag in my cool basement. Spring arrived and both times they were all shrivled up. I now have some mini dahlias I'd like to save. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? T.U.

by weezie13 on November 10, 2005 09:18 AM
I usually don't do anything with mine..
I just bring the pots/containers in..
and just stop watering them..
They're in a basement that's only heated by
the house furnace and two hot watertanks..

I also over winter believe it or not
one outside, on a south side, raised bed
with a cement sidewalk and a stonewall and
alot of mulch on top...

But I had tremendous luck and FUN with dahlia
SEEDS this summer.. what fun to have little baby
plants, and they bloomed.. [grin] [flower] [thumb] [clappy]

Can't offer much more help on my end..

Can I ask when you said they were all shriveled up,
did you still try to plant them?

* * * *

Don't forget to be kind to strangers. For some who have
done this have entertained angels without realizing it.
- Bible - Hebrews 13:2

by hoa on November 10, 2005 11:23 AM
I don't have an experience with dahlias but I started to store them a week ago with fungicide powder in vermiculite, some in paper back and then in cardboard box. Then I checked the other day and I found one tiny bug at the union (the bulbs have 2 or 3 little holes before). Anyway I spray, let them dried and store in a plastic grocery bag loosely tied. My friend said this method has more success.

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