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planting bulbs

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by wlmicroman on July 23, 2005 09:47 AM
My wife desires to feed the squirrels. I want to plant bulbs. Last fall, I planted some bulbs and, I think, the squirrels dug up the bulbs. Any suggestions on how to avoid having squirrels dig up bulbs?
by Francine on July 23, 2005 10:33 AM

welcome to the forum ;unfortunately i myself don t have any answers for you,but i m sure if you hang on a little bit there will be someone answering you soon as there is always a good gardener to help you overhere.

did you introduce yourself inthe new member section,maybe people can see you faster from there at first.

since i don t know when you are gonna read this i m gonna go for you on the new member section ,if you don t mind and tell them to look for your question over here.

hope that will help,

from a canuck,hey! [wayey]

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by MaryReboakly on July 23, 2005 11:12 AM
Hi there!
You can try laying a piece of chicken wire over the bed where your bulbs are, and secure them there until spring when the bulbs start coming up. Hope that helps!

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by rue anemone on July 24, 2005 01:44 AM
I have some tulip bulbs that were in my front yard in the middle of the grass. I have slowly moved all of them to the flowerbed. The squirrels have never bothered them.

I think I know why!!

The are planted at least 18 inches deep!! I made sure to replant them at that depth, even though I was so shocked at the depth. These tulips are now blooming even better then ever. In the lawn the leaves were being mowed down too soon after blooming.

Squirrels don't like daffodils.

* * * *
by maryann matthews on July 24, 2005 03:11 AM
[flower] Hello and Welcome!
I also had the same problem with the squirrels in my neighborhood. We are overrun with them
They are really starting to get on my nerves!
Hubby wants to shoot them with a BB gun and I told him to go for anger management! LOL!
Seriously now.....what I found to work is sprinkling some hot pepper flakes around the ground...a taste of this and I promise they won't return.

Good Luck

* * * *
To get your ideas across use small words, big ideas, and short

-- John Henry Patterson
by wlmicroman on July 24, 2005 06:41 AM
Thanks to all of you gardners for your wonderful suggestions. It is great to receive this kink of help!!

by BFVISION on July 24, 2005 07:04 AM
A thick layer of mulch helps distract their noses too. I have also heard that blood meal works great too [tongue] . Sprinkle it on when planting. Don't rule out the voles either [shocked] .
Good Luck

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