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HELP - Frosted Oncidium !

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by Leepath on December 26, 2002 04:56 PM
Orchid growers please help. My 8 yr Dancing Lady Oncidum has been frosted & I do not know what to do. This orchid has bloomed religiously for me, & usually sits in an east window in my kitchen. I moved it this yr. to another room to accomodate its 4' flower spikes.However, someone opened the window a crack, & I did not notice it untill the next morning. The damaged parts are not extensive, just the parts which were closest to the opened window & exposed to the cold draft all night. Those parts are this yrs. flowering spikes & the new off shoots. Please tell me what to do for this plant to help save it.
by Will Creed on December 27, 2002 10:59 AM
The chances are good that the only damage to your orchid is the damage that is already visible. Trim off or remove the damaged portions because they will not recover. If there is no further damage in the next few days, then it should be fine. Resume normal care. There is nothing else you can do for cold damage.
by Leepath on December 28, 2002 02:18 PM
Thank You Will for your prompt response.
I have trimed off the damaged parts of the orchid as you sujested, & returned it to its original place where I can keep an eye
on it. Rite now it looks a bit bare compared to the way Im used to it looking. Luckily the rest of the plant is still a nice green, with no further signs of shrivling, or yellowing, & there are several smaller new growths which should eventually grow in to fill those empty places. Hopefully in a year or two I can hope for more of those beautiful flowers for the holiday.
Thank You again Will for your help.

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