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Roses, Aloes, and Wysteria...oh my :)

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by LauraK on October 13, 2005 08:48 AM
Hello, Hello [Smile]

I posted a while back about my upcoming move to OH from FL. Well-we made it and have been here for just over a month. My plants were looking rough [Frown] by the time we rolled into town BUT they are on the road to recovery. The rose and aloe plants seem to be a-ok. The peace lily is a bit questionable though.
I have left the plants outside to become a bit accustomed to the climate. I will be bringing most of them indoors this weekend after repotting them. I have a few questions and any tips would be appreciated.

The aloe plant will be moved to a more shallow planter with a gravel layer in the bottom. I plan to keep it by a window and hope it will make it through the winter ok. It has a lot of sentimental value to me (my Mom had given it to me and has since passed), so any tips or tricks are MUCH appreciated.

The rose plant is in a large terra cotta pot. Unfortunately we will need to leave that outside for the winter [Frown] So our "attempt" at protecting it would be to cover it up, but the question is at what temp do we need to do this and what is a proper cover? We attempted to cover plants with garbage bags to make the move and that with the stifling heat nearly done them in.

The peace lily...can it be left outside in it's planter and protected during the winter? Anyone have any expreience with attempting to do this?

Other than that we did bring a few foilage plant arrangements (ones received when my Mom passed) and are going to attempt to bring those inddors for the winter. The ivy plant will probably be brought indoors as well. I just worry about any bugs which have found homes in the planters. We managed to bring a few lizards with us from FL even though we did check the plants prior to packing. [shocked]

Any tips or tricks are appreciated. Thankies!

My mother-in-law sent me some seeds from her wisteria plant, so I need to find the best time to plant these. [Smile]

And a zone question.... I am in central Ohio, so I am guessing I am inbetween zones 54 and 5b? But then I saw a chart via Google which said 35/39. [dunno] I-yi-yi [Smile]
by Jiffymouse on October 13, 2005 10:32 PM
the peace lily won't make it outside. it is very tempermental about temperatures.

to get rid of bug, soak the plant, pot and all, in a bucket for about 1/2 an hour (longer if need be) to drown the bugs in the soil. they then become free fertilizer.

you'll have to wait on the rose info, 'cause i don't know [dunno]

good luck!
by njoynit on October 14, 2005 01:09 AM
you can also place some moth balls in planters to deter the bugs.

Aloe plant.I grow mine in ground,but I pot it up for about 2-3 months in winter& i'd guess it gets 16 oz water in a month(it stays thats a good sign..if it droops I give some water,but it does dry between waterings)I pot mine in skultz cactus mix.

knowing what KIND/TYPE they are can help more.BUT you want them in a sunny location& if you can do a south wall up by house will add more'd have to watch for them chilling winds.that would be your damage problem,but can remedy that also with evergreen branches or burlap.would be better in ground than in pot as will add more protection on roots and you'd plant different up there than in FL.(bud union at ground level in FL bud union above ground level 2 inches or so up north)you can also do protection with bales of hay(fall decorations,then do christmas ones on it too...added bonus) fill me in on what type it is and will double check my rose book
fill me in what type it is and will double check rose book.I'f I were to plant it now up there.....I think I'd dig a hole and sink pot in the ground.I don't think roots would get setablished to survive like down here& FL where we plant in winter so not to stress the plants.

wisteria..I think I've seen those listed as seeds that can winter sow.I know it can grow upthere cause my MIL took some rootings of some of my vines& shes Spencer IN.

When I grew peace lilly in Indpls.I grew in kitchen and had grow light on it in winter the back corner was a cooler spot maybe 62-65& set on bakeing sheet with gravels that had water to help with humidity.I turned plant once a week& deep watered in shower once a month(yeah...oct-May)

I feel for you for your 1st 1st winter from going from TN to IN I was sick the whole entire winter and could not wait for it to end& could not get stay warm enough.You will want to stock up on thera flu/nitequill/dayquill& robitussian cough decongestant.wool socks..wear 5 layers when go a scarf& a hat and isotoner gloves.if your car has vinal seat covers...your booty will thank you when you won't get frost bite.

* * * *
I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!

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