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roses and when to plant bulbs in zone 9

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by chipthecookiemonster on December 04, 2005 01:09 PM
i live in zone 9 and it is starting to get cool and i was wondering do you clip back your roses and leaves and stems and such. also when is a go time to plant bulbs in zone 9
by gardenmom32210 on December 04, 2005 09:06 PM
Hi Chip [wavey]

I'm right on the edge of 8b & 9. I cut my roses down to about 10-12 inches every year,usually in Jan-Feb. Since we have such a long growing period,I wait till it's the coldest it's gonna get,before trimming.

As far as bulbs go,I put them in at all times of the year. They stay in the ground year-round too. Whenever I pick up new bulbs,I put them in as soon as I get home [thumb]

Hope this helps you some!

By the way....Welcome to the Forum!

G-Mom [grin]

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