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Email ? Avocado's this far north?

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by catlover on December 01, 2004 10:00 PM
Email question from Robert:
i have a 40 ft. avocado tree in my back yard. the tree is 8 yrs. old,started from a seed. it hasn't bore any fruit as of yet. i live in Albany,Oregon. have you heard of an avocado growing outdoors this far north?

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by Ann1 on December 12, 2004 12:05 AM
[flower] When I was a kid I wanted to grow avocados, but was told it was extremely difficult in New Orleans because of the likelihood of frost and because of the difficulty of pollination. I was under the impression that at least two trees were needed, but when I went searching on the web I found this site which has more info about avocados than most can ever use.

Avocado Source

In the Search Tools box, click on Resources and Links. "Flowering, Pollination, and Bees" had some helpful articles--especially the first "Avocado Flowering Basics". Because of the timing of male and female flowers, pollination is much easier with several trees.

In New Orleans, that probably meant YOU as the grower had to have both trees, but if there are lots of trees in the area, no need to worry.

The site above and other Google sites have all sorts of info on avocado pests and their control.

In the mid-sixties there was a book called the Avocado Pit Grower's Indoor How to Book which had great information on avocados as houseplants. It is still available from ABE Books and probably Amazon and e-Bay. I had success with several seeds [after many failures] but when they were stolen from my front porch in New York State, I gave up on avocado pits for a while.


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