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Email ? concerning Crimson Maple trees

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by catlover on December 01, 2004 09:46 PM
email question from Ken:
I was wondering what the root pattern is on a crimson maple. I have one in my front yard that is about 40' tall and appears very healthy but it is starting to lean slightly towards the house. it is a gorgeous tree and I hate to have it cut down.
The roots are starting to grow above ground around the truck. I was told this was called "girdling". If the roots on this type of tree normally go deep into the ground then maybe I am safe but if they grow close to the surface then I may be in trouble.
Any ideas on this?


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by weezie13 on January 30, 2005 06:09 AM
Here's a thing from the ARBOR DAY site about roots.
Where Roots
I can tell you what I know of maple trees and their roots....
I've always understood their roots are very close to the surface, if not even some are out of it, growing back in... I every so often chop off a bit of the top of the roots on ours when lawnmowing if I don't get the blade up fast enough!

I know that this is Girdling....

Girdling Kills Trees

My first thoughts on this would be check your drainage by your tree... Sounds like something under it, with water, either standing or running and it's causing the tree to lean...
*the trunk leaning or the branche???*


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by obywan59 on January 30, 2005 06:23 AM
Surface rooting is normal for mature maples. Is there another tree nearby? I had a Japanese maple that leaned away from a huge nearby oak even though the oak was not directly above it. If there actually is a root that is encircling the trunk, it should be cut as it can strangle the tree.

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