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Oncidium Orchids

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by rosie on November 23, 2002 07:27 AM
Orchid growers plese help. I have acquired a Oncidium and know nothing about them and their care. I have lots of Phalenopsis and dendrobiums. Also include tricks to get them in bloom...ty Rosie
by Acanthus on December 02, 2002 05:23 PM
Hi Rosie. Congratulations on your new baby! Oncidiums prefer cooler temps, minimum winter temp 50* F and up to 65* in the summer. During the main growing season, water freely, but in the winter, only water enough to prevent shriveling of the leaves. I pot mine in a finer grade bark/charcoal medium with a little moss mixed in, since they like more moisture than most. Speaking of moisture, they like higher humidity in the air than Phale's also, so keep the spritzer handy. I have only gotten mine to rebloom once so far in two years, so I can't help you much with tips on reblooming. The one time I got it to rebloom was from ignoring it, and stressing it out a bit from lack of water. Risky, there has to be a better way than that, I wouldn't recommend it.

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