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by njoynit on February 09, 2004 03:25 PM
I was reading in my farmers almanac& it has a topic on mums in the back.They got some really kewl mums out now.some exotic spider does anyone grow the exotics"?I'm really curious how they actually do grow wise(grow wise a word?)

This is a mailorder source they listed.not bad prices for their rooted cuttings...$2-$3 then air ship.I'm in a mild climate area so have a chance at growing the exotics.They also have a section where customers have sent in photos of their growings in customer showcase.Has some nice shots in Penn of some spiders growing& look...cascadeing mums [grin] I love that arbor effect with mums on opening page also.

Heres some tips listed in FA on pinching& growing

*start 2 pinch 2 weeks after active growth.Remove an inch from tips of stems.this will force lateral growth& make a bushier plant.keep pinching every 2-3 weeks thereafter.

*July 20th is good time to stop pinching for most areas in US& southern gardeners can stop pinching Aug 1st.coastal Calif& pacific NW should stop earlier July your growth will form flower buds.

* get big flowers by pinching all buds Except the strongest on each stem& remove seconday buds further down stem as they develop.

*Don't cut back dead foliage on plant in fall.mulch them for better protection with 4-6 inches of mulch after ground freezes.

* feed mums a steady diet of balanced fertilizer they are heavy feeders& to produce large flowers switch to a high nitrogen fertilizer after buds have set.unless flowers are not a concern.

* divide plants every spring a few weeks after last killing frost spaced 18-24 inches.They seldom produce a good quality fower the 2nd year because roots becme crowded.
(I must have been lucky with that mum planter...cause it looked better year after year for 3 years with no divideing.I just keept adding soil.maybe was my golf dude buried in roots ya think?my garden angel [angel] .)

*plant mums in dark area of garden or shade them at night from light sources such as street& security lights.bloom time is determined by day length(12 hours or less) and buds form then.plants recieveing light at night will be slow to bud.
will have to think on that last one again.I got those ones grown in shade that bloomed all summer& fall with a disbudding at proper time.
The FA mentions are some hardier grown plants done by university of minnesota they do mail order& a free catalog but find no web site.
Mums for Minnesota
3135 227th st E
Faribault MN 55021


They offer 35 varieties that are Extra hardy for zones 1-5

List of extra hardy mums for overwintering in fridgid climates:
Betty Lou~maxi mum
Burnt copper
Grape Glow
Maroon Pride
Mellow Moon
rose Blush
Sesqui Centennial Sun

* * * *
I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!
by Flower on February 09, 2004 04:43 PM's been a long while since I grew mums....but now you got me thinking I otta try them again!

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