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Ezy,fun,No bake Graham cracker cake

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by angelblossom on June 13, 2006 12:47 PM
On a hot hot summer day this is one of the most refreshing cake treats I've ever had!!!

Graham Cracker Cake


One box perferated plain graham crackers
one large jar or large can of applesauce-plain
2 to 4 pkgs jello (your choice of flavors)
One large tub of cool whip

divide applesauce in to as many bowls as number of choices of jello flavors(I normally choose 3)
add 1 tablespoon of jello of One pkg to One bowl of applesause and stir in to blend, you can add more if you want to to color it more,

then add 1 tablespoon of another flavor jello to another bowl of applesauce and stir that one in

and to the third bowl of applesauce add 1 tblsp of the last jello choice to it and stir

Using a small cookie sheet Or a small serving platter ...
lay 1 full sheet of graham cracker and 1/2 of another sheet end to end

spread One flavor of jello/apsauce mix( the thickness of a little more than the thickness of cracker) on top of the crackers

add to the top of that another sheet and 1/2 of granham crackers and then the second flavor of aplsauce mix
so the same layering with the 3rd flavor aplesauce mix,
build layers again in the same order and top with 1&1/2 sheets of graham cracker
you can make higher AND longer depending on how many your serving but 2 to 2 &1/2 layers of 3 jello's are standard)
now you must refridgerater at least 6 hours
Right before serving spread cool whip over all sides like a cake
Slice servings the width of the perferations.
when you slice it you will see color stripes. to taste it you would never know it was made with graham crackers,, It almost tastes like an icecream cake,, YUMMMMMMMMY!
Refridgerating it softens the cracker because of the applesauce.
One July 4th I have made this for years and I use Cherry jello and blueberry Jello and plain applesauce so when I slice it it shows red, white and blue stripes, at christmas I use Strawberry and Lime for red and green striping inside,,
I know this sounds a little odd,
But I have made this for work and noon believe it was just graham crackers, jello and applesauce. and Wa la there's Cake..
So be ready for something sooo refeshing you won't believe your tastebuds
If you make this let me know what ya thing of it!!
I have found it's really good after a spicy BBQ
or if you know guests are coming over in advance a Cooool treat to share with them

AHHHH you can't tell I really like this cake can you?? [lala] [lala] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

* * * *
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