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by Keri on February 08, 2005 11:36 PM
Hey all! Sorry I haven't been on the site much. I have had alot going on!!! Anyway, I bought me a Hyacynth (what it says on the pot) and it is doing well, except it has attracted little creatures! They are little fly looking bugs, I am assuming they are gnats!! I NEED HELP GETTING RID OF THEM!

Any ideas?
by Bess of the Piedmont on February 14, 2005 07:25 PM
Might be whitefly. look here for help:

* * * *
by Amy R. on February 14, 2005 07:38 PM
Keri!!! Where have you been? I almost PM'ed you, but I was afraid to look like a stalker! [Big Grin] It's almost time to replant your ivy(I couldn't wait, I just did). And how are your mini roses???
Ahem, back to the subject at hand. It could also be fungus gnats, which are annoying yet usually harmless creatures. Here are a few links. Don't be a stranger and let us know how it goes!
by Keri on February 15, 2005 04:01 PM
HEY AMY!! LOL, Your too funny! You should have PM'ed me!!! I have been so busy around here it isn't even funny!!! Hubby and I are trying to build a house and are just now getting started and I am already stressed out!!!!

Anyhow, no I haven't repotted my house plants but am planning on doing it within the next 2 weeks. I can't wait! I can't believe you did it already! You couldn't wait could you? HeHe!

As far as my indoor roses...well let's just say they went KURPLUNK!!!! Yep, they both died! It really upset me to but I don't think I will tackle the indoor roses every again! I do really well with them outside so I will stick to that!!

You were right about the Hyanct. They were gnats!!! HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS?? LOL! I have been searching online for days trying to find out what they are!! Anyhow, I sprayed the plant and it is doing well now! Thanks for the great links!!

ANYTIME you want to PM me, please do so! I love hearing from you because you make me laugh! LOL!

You all take care and thanks for the links. They were all so hopefull!!


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